Book Review: ‘Decisions’ by Jessica L. Degarmo

Decisions Book Cover

For a blend of good romance and difficult dilemmas, Decisions by Jessica L. Degarmo (Silver Publishing, 2011) comes highly recommended.

When Senator Schooner Tremaine arranges a business transaction to marry off his daughter Emma to the rude, cold, and dominating Gray Taylor, Emma runs away and finds herself in Duck, North Carolina. Needing a plan to be prevented from marrying Gray in the event she is found by her father, Reese McConnell comes into her life, and Emma plans to convince him to marry her.

Decisions holds readers’ attention right from the beginning, the way romances should be written. A beautiful and daunting heroine with a sticky situation on her hands trying to escape the villian(s), before a charming and attractive possible hero arrives. This book is written with true style and tells a great story, leaving the reader guessing right up until the final chapter. Whom Emma ends up with…I can’t tell you here. You have to read this fine work for yourselves.